Amazon Herbs for ED

Amazon Herbs for ED

How Amazon Herbs Helped Erectile Dysfunction

When I first found out about Amazon herbs, I was very excited to know that someone was bringing herbs that were pure and untouched by man to the United States. I was mentored on how to use these herbs by John Easterling, founder of the Amazon Herb Company, and I was in charge of reading all the technical papers and medical reports about these herbs.

The reports were so positive that I wanted to help spread the word by setting up a few clinical case studies using the herbs to test their validity. Using the patients and contacts I had, it was easy to find quite a few patients who had impotency. They were willing to give the Amazon herbs a try to see whether or not they would help improve their case.

Impotency has numerous causes. Diabetes is one of them; neurological disorders are another. There are cases in which even a bad image of sexual relations – perhaps due to a bad experience in bed – causes future impotency.

Two Primary Herbs Used for Impotency

Two herbs used traditionally among the Amazonian natives are muirapuama and catuaba. Muirapuama helps restore the vitality of the sexual organs while catuaba has effects on the psyche, creating erotic dreams and improving sexual libido through the brain. Muirapuama and Catuaba are excellent gifts for the new bride and groom and over the years, all I’ve heard from the new couples is this:  “Those herbs – they work!”

Perhaps these two Amazon herbs are one of the reasons why men in the Amazon don’t lose virility in their later years, even in their 80s and 90s.

Why the Men’s Wives Were More Important

In the study I ran on using Amazon herbs for impotency, the men and their wives were included. The wives’ input was incredibly valuable because women start to notice negative changes (and positive ones) in their husband’s performance in the bedroom long before their husbands notice it. For example, men may notice lack of morning erections or decreased morning erections. Women will notice the firmness isn’t there during intercourse. The firmness isn’t something the men could gauge themselves. Thus, the women will also notice when things are changing in the bedroom. So, I had to give the women more credence when the results were tallied.

The men took the Amazon herbs daily for a period of four weeks. Muirapuama takes a little while to build up in the tissues so a good result can’t be expected in the first few days. Catuaba, on the other hand, starts increasing erotic dreams with the very first dosage.

How well did the herbs work? We definitely called the herbs a success because of the positive changes that occurred. The women noticed changes in firmness that began the first week and continual improvement throughout the study. The men noticed more morning erections and greater desire by the second week and this steadily improved.

You can find different companies online that carry these herbs so do look for them and give them a trial of a few months for yourself. The dosage will be written on the label.

Dr. DonnaDr. Donna

Seeing people battle with degenerative illnesses is what brings out the compassion the most in Dr. Donna Schwontkowski. She's a retired chiropractor with two university degrees in nutrition and a Master's in Herbology. With this background and experience with thousands of patients, she's convinced that every illness can be improved significantly if not reversed with diet and nutritional protocols. You can visit Dr. Donna on

Jun 9, 2014
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