Anger and ED
Brenda Vanta
Brenda Vanta
July 23, 2014
The combination of anger and ED may lead to a vicious circle, as anger triggers ED episodes, which in turn will cause further frustration.

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Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

When couples have infertility issues, their sexual relationship can suffer adversely as a result of the requirement to "perform" at very specific times.
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Grounding and Erectile Dysfunction

Be Ready for July 4th

The body is electrical and the nervous system runs via its own electricity. Restoring your nervous system through grounding can help erectile dysfunction.
by Dr. Donna on June 24, 2014
man brushing gums

Importance of Gum Health

There may be more ways to battle ED than you thought. Recent research has brought to light the relationship that ED and gum disease share, and how ED may actually be more prevalent in people
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Emotions and Your Sex Life

Erectile dysfunctions (ED) are often undertreated because sexual issues are usually not discussed with the doctor. Partially because doctors don’t always ask questions about this topic and partially because it is a sensitive topic
by Brenda Vanta on May 7, 2014
Relationship Barriers in ED

Relationship Barriers in ED

For many men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is an issue that can be easily managed and fixed with medication. However, for some men, medication doesn’t always do the trick.
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Herbal Remedies for ED

Herbal Remedies for ED

There are many herbal remedies on the market, and some work while others do not. If you have erectile dysfunction, you may have heard about some of these options.
by Marlene Wallace on April 2, 2014
Stem Cells as an ED Therapy

Stem Cells as an ED Therapy

Over the years, stem cell research has provided a much better understanding of cell development. This has created many medical breakthroughs and new treatment procedures for various medical conditions.
by Curtis on March 4, 2014

Sexual Desire and Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual desire is a key component of a healthy sex life in a couple. But what happens when there the sexual desire is missing? Or what happens when there is sexual desire, but an inability to have sex, like what may happen to someone with ED?
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Partner Involvement with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

This is a question that reminds me of the famous pyramid of human needs proposed by A. Maslow, which connects sex and relationships and among other essential human needs so well.
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Association of Sexually Transmitted Infections with Erectile Dysfunction

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly Chlamydia infections and gonorrhea are well known risk factors for infertility in women. Recently, studies found that these infections may cause infertility in men as well.
by Brenda Vanta on February 18, 2014