Foods to Help ED

Foods to Help ED

Four Foods That Might Help and Why

Let food be thy medicine. Isn’t that what Hippocrates said?

If food is going to be your medicine, then what foods could possibly help with a condition such as erectile dysfunction? Here’s a list of four foods that are good possibilities:

Blackberries and Bilberries Boost Sexual Function

The connection between the berries and sexual function is through the antioxidant system. Berries are high in antioxidants, which quench free radicals. One thing you need to overcome erectile dysfunction is a blood vessel-dilating chemical called nitric oxide. The anthocyanins (antioxidants) found in berries quench the free radicals that damage nitric oxide.


Elderberries aren’t often eaten but you can get elderberry juice at the health food store. Also, elderberry extract is available. Elderberry contains the same anthocyanins found in blackberries and bilberries, and will have the same effect on the blood vessels, dilating them.

Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is another way you can get the blood vessels to dilate. When they dilate, they allow more blood flow to get through to the penis so that it can better perform its functions.

The active ingredient in chocolate that does this is epicatechins, which are flavonoids. One study found that all that was needed was 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate to improve the dialation of the arteries by 10 percent.

Now after eating more of these foods, think about some habits that should be stopped:

  1. Smoking. Smoking clearly interferes with the blood flow in the arteries, as it contributes to hardening of the arteries. Experts report that smoking doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction. In one study there was a 40 percent improvement in the number of night-time erections in 10 men who were smokers and suffered from impotency.
  2. Stop the damage from extra pounds. One thing that happens when a man is overweight is that their biochemistry changes and they will start to convert testosterone into estrogen. This is why some men develop breasts. The excess estrogen then is not good for erectile function during intercourse.

It’s actually easier for a man to lose weight than a woman. Men can lose 7 to 10 pounds in a week by simply cutting back on calories since they have a higher metabolism and can generally eat more calories without gaining weight. That’s the equivalency of 28 to 40 pounds in a month; an amount that can be enough to drastically lower blood sugar levels, blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and other disorders. And once these go, sexual function returns.

One last thing that can help: If you lose the weight, you’ll most likely be able to eliminate the cholesterol medication. The worst are the statins because they are clearly linked with erectile dysfunction.

Dr. DonnaDr. Donna

Seeing people battle with degenerative illnesses is what brings out the compassion the most in Dr. Donna Schwontkowski. She's a retired chiropractor with two university degrees in nutrition and a Master's in Herbology. With this background and experience with thousands of patients, she's convinced that every illness can be improved significantly if not reversed with diet and nutritional protocols. You can visit Dr. Donna on

Jul 16, 2014
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