Anger and ED
Brenda Vanta
Brenda Vanta
July 23, 2014
The combination of anger and ED may lead to a vicious circle, as anger triggers ED episodes, which in turn will cause further frustration.

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Foods to Help ED

Foods to Help ED

If food is going to be your medicine, then what foods could possibly help with a condition such as erectile dysfunction?
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Natural Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

Are Drugs Necessary?

All health conditions can be improved by adopting a healthier lifestyle, including diet and exercises. Here are some natural erectile dysfunction remedies.
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Positions for Blood Flow

Having an erection is about getting good blood flow to the penis. Sex positions can affect the amount of blood flowing to the correct locations.
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Role of Stress on Erectile Dysfunction

Around 30 million men are affected by ED in the US, and it is estimated that roughly 300 million people will have this condition by 2025. The levels of stress experienced in our modern society are growing as well. So is there any connection between them?
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Effectiveness of Exercise on ED

Effectiveness of Exercise on ED

While there are many effective medications available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), clinicians agree that drug-free remedies should be sought whenever possible.
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