Relationship Barriers in ED

Relationship Barriers in ED

Overcoming Relationship Barriers in ED

For many men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is an issue that can be easily managed and fixed with medication. However, for some men, medication doesn’t always do the trick. That is because, for many men, erectile dysfunction can seem like the main problem. Also, it can often just be a symptom of anxiety. While ED is a common medical disorder that many men face due to issues with other disorders or medications, many men do not realize that their ED could simply be caused by anxiety and relationship issues. Here are some ways to overcome your relationship barriers and anxiety when dealing with ED.

The Anxiety Factor

A man usually understands that in order to create an erection, he needs to be aroused, but it is also important for him to be relaxed. Anxiety can have many strange effects on individuals and present itself in weird ways. One of these ways is by making it difficult for a man to first develop and maintain the erection. While medication can often help to rectify this situation, it will not take away the source of the problem.

First, look at your relationship and think about if that could be causing you anxiety. Oftentimes, anxiety related to sexual performance can cause men stress and decrease their ability to perform. This is a barrier that becomes cycle. A man might become anxious about his sexual performance, which leads to ED, which then leads to his inability to maintain an erection, which then causes further anxiety. One way to deal with this situation is through communication.


Communication involves talking to your partner about what issues are giving you anxiety and what things in your relationship may be affecting you and causing ED. Be sure to be honest, and bring up things that may make you feel uncomfortable during sexual activity, or perhaps if you feel there is a lost connection that could be contributing to ED. The key here is communication, so if you are unable to openly talk to your partner about your anxiety and ED within the context of your relationship, try seeking the help of a professional. Counseling will allow you and your partner to sit down with a professional and explain and interpret the situation so that a solution or remedies can be reached.

Another possible issue that could be causing ED in your sexual relationship is moving too quickly. This alone can cause issues with erectile function, and also, not allow enough time for foreplay and the ability to create and maintain an erection. If this seems to be the case in your relationship, discuss this with your partner. Talk about how to increase your foreplay time so that you two are better able to relax and enjoy the intimacy that you are creating.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, a lack of intimacy and arousal are issues of ED, and by increasing the amount of time spent on foreplay, this can be remedied. If finding time to be intimate is an issue, try to set aside some time and lock your doors and tell your children or friends that you need alone time. Give yourself and your partner the alone time you need to create the intimacy that may help to decrease anxiety.

While stated throughout this article many times, the most important thing that someone suffering from ED can do is communicate with their partner, because ED is caused by anxiety or a lack of intimacy or foreplay. Through open and honest communication with your partner or with the help of a healthcare professional, the issues causing your ED can be easily dealt with and get you back into the bedroom.


NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
May 2, 2014
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